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On-site water harvesting and reuse could help to save up to 70% of total water consumption


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Remote monitoring and big data computing solution will help solve environmental challenges in urban cities


Innovative ways to generate electricity or channelling of light indoor will help urban buildings to conserve energy

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We believe in leveraging and mimicking nature and supplementing with engineered technologies.

Technical White Paper

Using ABC Waters Features for Stormwater Detention

2016 celebrates the 10th year of Singapore’s PUB Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme. Over the last decade, 32 ABC Waters projects have been completed across the island. Another 54 ABC Waters certified projects were undertaken by private developers and other public agencies. The ABC Waters Programme not only achieves the functional purposes of water collection and treatment, it also provides for recreation and improves our living environment.

Our heartlands will soon enjoy enhanced waterbodies and waterways, along with new recreational and community spaces, as another 20 more projects under the ABC Waters Programme are slated to be completed over the next five years.

PUB will work with other government agencies to widen the adoption of ABC Waters concepts, such as creating a framework to guide developers in integrating the design of their new developments with nearby waterways.

We are happy to share with you our latest white paper "USING ABC WATERS FEATURES FOR STORMWATER DETENTION". In land scarce Singapore, combining both functions in a single facility can reduce overall footprint and cost. The value of these facilities can be further enhanced with some creativity to make them useable and beautiful at the same time. This paper discusses how we can design to serve both functions. This paper is supplementary to the technical paper on STORM WATER DETENTION written in July 2014.

In the earlier technical paper on STORM WATER DETENTION published in 2014, we interpret PUB’s requirement for stormwater detention and provided simplified examples for ease of understanding. In addition, we discussed various detention facilities that can be employed close to the source of runoff. We categorised the locations of detention facilities into upstream, midstream, and downstream from the runoff source.


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